Peter Clout

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I am Peter Clout, Life Fellow of the IEEE and I am standing for Division IV Director-Elect 2022. 

In asking for your vote, I thought I would leap in at the deep end and talk about what I will aim to do if elected:

The principles I bring to anything I do in IEEE, including the Board, is that the IEEE exists to serve the communities working within our field of interest and supporting members more directly in serving humanity. 

Primarily this service to the IEEE communities is through publications, conferences, technical meetings, and technical social interaction. The principle is to empower the volunteers to make decisions as close as possible to the point where the rubber hits the IEEE road and to make sure that they have the resources that they need. 

One goal is to make changes to the rules for spending on initiatives:

The Board has two ways that funds can be used by societies and councils for initiatives (other than including them in the regular operational budget). What concerns me is the rule that allows OUs to spend 50% of the prior-year surplus on initiatives. Currently, the ability to start spending the 50% money is delayed until the audit is finished, about April or May of the year the money has to be spent in. This is just totally impractical. Even with the changes awaiting to be approved, the full amount available will be more than the cautious November forecast which will be initially used to calculate the following year’s spending.

My second solution smooths, stabilizes, the 50% initiative funds by changing the basis from just the prior-year surplus to the average of the three prior years surplus. This will allow better planning as most of the 50% funding will be known. There is still work to be done on this as it also involves changes to me made at the IEEE level.

Sometimes one is faced with a difficult decision. I look for the right question to ask and then often the right decision becomes clear. “Does this help and support front-line volunteers to improve conferences, publications and other services for our members?”

In all my IEEE volunteer work I have supported the members who are directly working for their communities, be they conference organizers, editors, members of sections and chapters supporting members with local events, members working on standards, education and engagement with legislators. 

The IEEE and the societies and councils of Division IV are great professional organizations, lets make it even better!

I ask for your vote to allow me to continue to do my part to support and improve the work of the IEEE. 

The opinions expressed on this website are the opinions of the author and not necessarily the opinions of the IEEE.

“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”

Norton Juster