IEEE Volunteer History

Peter Clout, Life Fellow of the IEEE – Standing for Division IV Director-Elect 2022

Asking for your vote – but before I do that, let me tell you of my detailed involvement in IEEE.

IEEE volunteer service:

With university, national laboratory, international laboratory, and industrial entrepreneurship experience and having worked in three countries, I have financial experience right down to balance sheets and tax reporting. All that is left is my detailed IEEE experience that I list below:

IEEE Committees/Board: IEEE Board, Division IV Director, 2010-2012, Employee Benefit and Compensation Committee 2012-13. Audit Committee, 2011-12; Service Award Committee Member 2008-2011, Chair 2012-13, Past Chair 2014. IEEE Marie Sklodowska-Curie Award Selection Committee, Member 2009-2011, Chair 2012-13, Past Chair 2014.

Technical Activities Board (TAB): Member TAB Products and Services Committee, 2021;Member TAB FinCom, 2013-2018, 2020-2021; Chair TAB FinCom TAB Finance Manual Ad-Hoc, 2020; Member TAB FinCom Projects Ad-Hoc 2020-2021; Member TAB Ad-Hoc on Directory of Financial Data 2018; Chair, S/C Financial Guidance/Development Ad-Hoc 2018; Member TAB FinCom S/C Watchlist Ad-Hoc 2018, Chair 2019-2020, and member 2021; Member TAB FinCom Periodicals Committee 2018-2021; Chair, TAB Financial Transparency AdHoc 2014- 2015; Member TAB FinTrans Committee 2015-2016 and member FinTrans ExCom 2017-2020; TAB Hall of Honor Committee Ad-Hoc 2012; TAB Hall of Honor Committee, Chairman 2013-2015, and member 2016-2017; Society Review Committee; Chair, 2002-03, and member, 2009-10; TAB Strategic Planning Committee, 1999-2003; TAB Awards Committee, NPS Representative, 1999-2000; TAB Nominating Committee, 1996-1997; TAB Meetings Council, 1996; TAB, Board Member, 1995-96; TAB Public Relations Committee, NPS Representative, 1994-96; TAB Awards Committee, 1993-1994.

Society: Nuclear Plasma Sciences Society (NPS): Past President, 1997-98; President, 1995-96; Vice President, 1994; AdCom, Elected Member, 1993-96, 1987-90; AdCom Secretary, 1992-94, 1990; Computer Applications Technical Committee, 1984-2006; Communications Committee, Chair, 1998-2021; Fellow Candidate Evaluation Committee, 2021; Finance Committee: 2019-2021; Constitution Review Committee, 2020, 2005-07, 2000; Awards Committee: Chair, 1999-2000, member, 1995-96; Nominations Committee: Past Chair, 1999-2000, Chair, 1997-98; Particle Accelerator Technical Committee, 1986-94; Particle Accelerator Conference, Program Committee, 1987.

Section: Life Member Affinity Chair, Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico Section 2016-2019; Member ExCom 2020-21

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