Main IEEE Accomplishments

Peter Clout, Life Fellow of the IEEE – Standing for Division IV Director-Elect 2022

Asking for your vote – but before I do that, what has all this involvement achieved?

IEEE main accomplishments:

* As Secretary of NPSS, I quickly completed and distributed the minutes of meetings with all attachments, thus ensuring that members promptly had the information they needed. As President I managed the Society through difficult financial times, maintaining a business-like approach at AdCom meetings.

* Since 1998, as NPSS Communications Committee Chair my membership recruitment support, mostly with a membership desk at our conferences, and mailings, have held NPSS membership steady. This promotion of NPSS activities has helped our conferences and journals expand significantly.

* As Division IV Director, I worked to increase the sharing of experiences and developing cooperation between the eight Presidents of the Division increasing the value of the Board Series for all the members of Division IV.

* As the new Chair of TAB Society Review Committee, I quickly cleared a 2½ year backlog of reports and simplified the submission forms to concentrate on only useful information. Society and Council reviews were held with a constructive and collaborative approach in marked contrast to previous years. For this contribution the Technical Activities Board passed a motion of thanks. 

* As a member of the TAB Ad-Hoc committee on the proposed Hall of Honor and then as Chair of that committee, I defined and launched this valuable recognition and its web presentation of the honorees.

*As a member of TAB FinCom, I found that the Tab Finance Manual simply did not exist although it was referenced on the TAB website and in the TAB Operations Manual. and so, entirely on my own initiative, I wrote a proposed manual and also suggested how it and the IEEE Finance Operations Manual (FOM) could be better integrated. The NextGen project has delayed the broader consideration of the TAB manual but I expect this will be complete this year. Combined with this I have also reviewed and marked up the IEEE FOM and provided this to the IEEE Treasurer.

* I have worked on the problem of making initiative funding more practical. It used to be that while one stream of initiative money was known in time to be in the budget, the second stream, the 50% of the prior year surplus money, was not known in time to be of practical use in the year it could be spent as the exact amount was not known until April/May of the year, leaving just months to commit and spend it. I went back over the last 14 years and plotted the history of the November forecast, the actual outcome, and initiative spending. That data showed that except for one year, the November forecast for the annual outcome was always well below the final figure. With that data, I proposed that societies and councils should proceed based on the prior November forecast from January 1. 

* I hold two Society-level awards, one for entrepreneurship and one for service to the NPSS and I have also been honored with election to the TAB Hall of Honor for services to Technical Activities.

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